Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) Decommissioning

Oracle has announced that for customers using environments provisioned in 19C and later, Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) is not available and for existing customers, Oracle will now be decommissioning Payroll Batch Loader (PBL) in 20D.

There are still a few other ways to upload the payroll data.

  • Using HDL : Create & upload payroll data in HDL(HCM Data Loader)  file format.
  • Using HSDL : Use spreadsheet templates to load payroll data using HSDL (HCM Spreadsheet Loader)
  • PBL to HDL : Convert the PBL file into HDL file using HDL transformation formula

Please note the HSDL is used to bulk load smaller volumes of data from spreadsheets mainly for business users and HDL is the only method for bulk loading payroll business objects into Oracle HCM Cloud and is targeted for the use of Integration Specialists

Don’t panic…DataFusing can help you

While you do a data migration using DataFusing tool you don’t have to worry about PBL anymore, as the tool extracts the payroll data from  EBS system/ Excel files / Legacy system, convert it automatically into HDL files and load it into the Oracle Cloud with ease.

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