Business As Usual (BAU)

DataFusing can help you with business as usual tasks by performing both – one-off migration tasks as well as providing you with a permanent solution to your recurring problems.

Case Studies

Worker Creation in Batch

Here is how we helped a client who had seasonal workers join in batches at different points of time – Workers of this client were required to be enrolled in Oracle HCM as contingent workers and had to be tracked. With batches consisting of workers ranging between 80 and 500 workers and multiple batches joining each year, business users were struggling with the daunting task of keying in the details of each worker or alternatively creating HDL files to load them depending on the size of the batch. Manual entry of records turned out to be time-consuming, tiresome and was also error-prone. Further, the HDL creation posed the challenge of dealing with the complex HDL structure and needed several iterations and sign off before entering the production stage.

DataFusing was approached to make this task simpler and easier for the client. We started with analysing the input files from multiple agencies and prepared a simple template to be populated for each batch. We then proceeded with adapting the features of CloudMigrate to provide a simple user interface to upload and validate the input data. Once the data was validated, users could load them into production with the single click of a button and receive a reconciliation report for signing off the data.


Annual Salary Review

Our client had to perform an offline annual salary review of about 3000 employees on account of certain external factors. The process followed was arriving at the revised salary, collating the data in excel and loading the same back into Oracle HCM for payroll processing.  The HR support team was able to prepare HDL files and load them. However, the real challenge was dealing with the error-prone input file.

DataFusing configured extensive validation rules on CloudMigrate for this client and was successful in being able to validate the file by not only identifying and highlighting the errors but also giving warnings where the new data could be wrong. This solution to the recurring problem is expected to save considerable time in the coming years.

Mass updates

Our client recently decided to implement a new Extensive Flexfield structure on employee assignments in order to maintain the statutory information mandated by recent changes in the legislation.  Once the configuration was complete, 5 new extensive flex field values were required to be updated on each of the 18000+ assignment records.

With CloudMigrate, we could easily configure migration rules to accept input data with assignment numbers and load them to a test instance and provide reconciliation reports. Once signed off, the same process was repeated on a production instance


Mass Correction

A malfunctioning interface combined with historical manual updates left our client with inaccurate data when it came to personal record.

The DataFusing team performed an analysis of the existing data and came up with a plan to cleanse the existing data in Oracle Cloud HCM. This involved comparing the data from a master ERP system to identify inconsistencies. About 1000+ records were needed to be cleansed without losing other changes. We configured migration rules in CloudMigrate to update existing records with data from the source system. On fully reconciling 2 systems, the client was able to proceed confidently with Oracle Fusion Data