Free Migration Analysis

If you are an organization in the early stages of a data migration project, here’s how we can help! CloudMigrate takes data from the legacy system and validates it, to identify any gaps in the requirement. It gets even easier and quicker for Oracle eBusiness suite users, where CloudMigrate can access your system directly and furnish reports!

We can analyze your application data

Oracle eBusiness Suite

Assess your cloud readiness using our meticulously designed  analysis routines, tailored for seamless integration with Oracle eBusiness Suite data

Oracle eBusiness Suite
Legacy Applications

Our experts excel in guiding on migration requirements, regardless of whether the legacy data resides on a different RDBMS or is stored as files.

Legacy Applications
Oracle Cloud Applications

Contemplating an organization or system restructure? We can analyse the cloud data to give you the right answers to your questions.

Oracle Cloud Applications

Our data analysis helps answer the following typical questions

  • icon_Volume-01


    What is the volume of my data for each business object?

  • icon_Missing-data-1

    Missing Data

    Are we missing any mandatory data?

  • icon_Cleansing


    What areas do we need cleansing?

  • icon_configuration-1


    What are the values that need to be configured in Oracle Cloud Fusion?

  • icon_Questions

    Specific questions

    Any Specific questions that you may have.

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    Further Analysis

    You can engage our consultants for further analysis of data and system as well.