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How do you reduce the cost of data migration?

We specialise in Oracle Fusion Data Migration and our proprietary software has pre-configured modules for typical data migration requirements. This helps automate up to 90% of the data migration process, thereby greatly reducing the development time.

Once the resource is developed, we limit the cost to the execution of each data migration cycle.

How long will it take to get a quote ?

We quote in two stages.

One – you can fill our questionnaire and schedule a telephonic discussion with one of our data migration experts who will call you in 24 hours. We will give you an initial estimate within 48 hours of the telephonic discussion.

Two – We can give you a more accurate quote after an automated and manual analysis of your ERP data. This process will take 3-5 working days depending on the accessibility to the data.

Where can we host CloudMigrate?

DataFusing CloudMigrate can be hosted on any Oracle database server. We can do it either on your on-premise or cloud infrastructure or you can use our hosting services.

Our Oracle databases are hosted on the Oracle Cloud and we strictly adhere to the server jurisdiction requirements of our clients.

Our Oracle databases are hosted by Oracle Cloud and we can adhere to the server jurisdiction requirements of our clients.

Do you offer services on-site or remotely?

While our services are provided remotely, we are always available on-site as and when required.

We have in-house data migration developers. Can you guide us?

Definitely one of the most cost-effective approaches. DataFusing CloudMigrate Pro helps train your in-house developers and also offers the option to hire our consultants on a need basis.

We have recurring requirements to migrate data to our Oracle Fusion software. How can you help us?

We can customize our solutions to suit your requirements and help your team to undertake the recurring data migration as a usual business activity.

I have a single data migration task. Can you help us?

Sure, we undertake tasks of all sizes – whether large scale, small scale, multiple or single. We can provide a quote after analyzing your requirement.

I am a data migration consultant, can I get trained in CloudMigrate?

Yes – we are pleased to offer our training materials to all interested developers. We also provide access to our training modules. Please submit your request in the contact us page.

Is there any aspect of data migration that can not be automated?

We believe in automating all aspects of data migration. Each execution cycle is completely automated. However, each of our clients has unique requirements requiring varied development activities. Our implementation team configures custom rules for these requirements. The price variation of CloudMigrate MAAS depends on the amount of development activities.

Can I get a local installation of CloudSQL?

CloudSQL local installation is under development. We are currently providing the beta version to qualified users. Please submit the request on contact us page.

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