Reinventing the Wheel: Do we need to develop our own DM framework?

What is a Data Migration Framework?

A Data Migration Framework is a software tool to make data migration of complex data structures easier and more standardized. A data migration framework provides,

Uniform approach

Is a Framework essential for every data migration project?

While developers can write individual migration routine for separate business objects, in reality, a data migration framework is essential when the project is fairly large.

Why can’t we have a single Data migration framework in the world?

Each data migration project depends on the technical and functional aspects of both source system and the target system. A generic data migration project will need a lot of effort to customize to suite complex and restricted systems like Oracle Fusion Cloud.

Can we develop a framework for our project?

Many projects attempt to reinvent the wheel. A framework in itself is a complex piece of software that will require considerable use of development resources. This will take the focus out of developing and testing migration routine for each business objects. Training the migration developers on the new framework is another challenge.

How do we implement a DM Framework?

DataFusing CloudMigrate is a data migration framework deeply tied with Oracle Fusion Cloud. It leverages the powerful migration features that Oracle Cloud Fusion provides. Developers focus on the implementation of the migration routine on the solid platform of CloudMigrate