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Can I execute DML statements?

Oracle Cloud does not allow INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. Only SELECT statement is possible.

Do you store data?

We do not store your data or passwords in any database structure or file. Data is stored in session variables and will be automatically erased once the session is closed.

Where is CloudSQL hosted?

CloudSQL is hosted within Oracle cloud infrastructure.

My Oracle cloud instance is secured within company VPN. Can I use CloudSQL?

CloudSQL web version needs network access to your Oracle Cloud instance. Please contact us for the desktop version

Can I get a version of CloudSQL which can be implemented in my PC?

CloudSQL on-premise version is under development. Please register your interest by writing to sales@datafusing.com

Do I need any special access to Oracle Cloud?

As long as you are able to access Oracle Cloud Fusion and view BI reports, you can execute SQLs using CloudSQL.

How many columns can be included in my SQL

There is a limit of 100 columns currently in SQL reports.

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