DataFusing CloudSQL has revolutionized the way developers execute SQLs against Oracle Fusion databases. With its intuitive database browser, users can effortlessly search for applications, tables, and views, gaining access to the Oracle Cloud Database Structure and Oracle Fusion Cloud Database Structure with ease.

A Closer Look at the Database Browser Features

Search and Navigate with Confidence: The database browser allows users to search for specific applications, tables, or views within the Oracle Fusion database. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to quickly locate and work with specific data structures. This is particularly useful when working with an unfamiliar module where the developer is not familiar with Oracle Fusion Database structure.

Instant Database Structure Visualization: Upon clicking a table or view, the database browser immediately displays the database structure. This visualization includes all the fields, data types, and description, providing a comprehensive overview of the Oracle Cloud Database Structure.

Enhanced User Experience: The browser’s user-friendly interface is designed to enhance productivity. Users can navigate through the database schema without the need to write complex SQL queries, making it accessible even to those with limited SQL knowledge.

Efficient Data Management : With the ability to view and understand the database structure briefly, users can manage data more efficiently. This feature simplifies tasks such as data analysis, reporting, and migration.

Why DataFusing CloudSQL Stands Out?

DataFusing CloudSQL is not just about providing a tool; it’s about offering a solution that enhances the user experience when working with Oracle Fusion databases. The database browser feature is a testament to this commitment, enabling users to interact with their databases in a more meaningful and productive way.


The Oracle Fusion database browser within DataFusing CloudSQL is a powerful feature that simplifies the interaction with Oracle databases. It empowers users to search, view, and understand the Oracle Cloud Database Structure and Oracle Fusion Database Structure without the need for complex SQL commands. Embrace the power of DataFusing CloudSQL and elevate your database management to new heights.