Business Objects



Product Area: Global HR – Work Structures

A grade shows the relative rank, level, or status of a worker in an assignment in an enterprise. For example IC3, M3.

Grade Legislative Extra InformationExtensible flexfield attributes for Grade Legislative Information.
Grade StepGrade step represents the incremental point within a grade.

Dependent Business Objects / Configurations

The following Business objects / Configurations are assumed to be loaded beforehand.

Reference Data SetsReference Data Sets should be configured in the target system as it is in the source system


Currently, CloudConfig does not migrate Grade Extra Information and Descriptive Flex Fields (DFF). Please contact us to find out how you can migrate these using CloudMigrate.

Data Mapping

HCM FieldTransformation Rules
Grade > Effective Start DateAS IS
Grade > Effective End DateAS IS
Grade > Grade SetAS IS
Grade > Action ReasonNot Migrated
Grade Details 
Grade Details > NameAS IS
Grade Details > CodeAS IS
Grade Details > StatusAS IS
Grade Details > AttachmentsNot Migrated
Grade Step Details 
Grade Step Details > Step NumberAS IS
Grade Step Details > Step NameAS IS
Grade Step Details > Ceiling StepAS IS