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Add a Configuration Item

Cloud Configuration items display the configuration values used in the Target Oracle Fusion system.

  1. Click on Workshop>>SQLs from menu.
  2. Under Configuration tab select Configuration Extract badge.
  3. Click on Create button.
  • 5. Choose the type of SQL from the list.
    There are 3 types of item types:
    i. SQL : In this type, you need to provide a Mapping Code and the SQL script as it is in the space provided.as shown below.

ii. SQL(with mapping code): This type of SQL is chosen when the Mapping Code cannot be a constant value. For example, for lookup codes, the mapping code will be different for each lookup_type. So, the first line of the SQL script must be given as the Lookup_type as the Mapping Code as shown below

iii. Structured SQL: In this type, where clauses, tables and Columns should be given separately under Details, Tables and Columns tabs respectively

  1. Provide a sequence number.
  2. Provide a name for the SQL.
  3. Provide the Mapping Code which is to be displayed on the Cloud Configuration page.
    The Mapping Code should be a unique code which is used at the time of defining validation rules
  4. Enter the SQL script which extracts the required configuration from the cloud.
  5. Provide the additional where clause in the space provided.
  6. In the Details tab, add the columns which should be displayed in the Cloud Configurations page.
  7. Click on Create button to create the item.
  8. Navigate to the side menu and click on Cloud Configuration under Migration Manager.
  9. Click on Refresh from Oracle Cloud
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